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first message/intro/rules

Post by Admin on Thu Apr 14, 2016 10:20 pm

Hi guys! So this is my attempt to start an online continuation of the SoCSA group from 2033. It is a work in progress so please forgive me for any hiccups or hurdles in the beginning. I'm hoping to continue the support that we had on sunday evenings with the regulars from group--i miss you guys already and have been thinking of you all often. So i'm was thinking of the ground rules for the online group to start off with and then we can tweak them as needed as time goes on. here is where I thought we should start:

1. One post/new topic a week, which is equivalent to our one share a week we had during the meeting. This is to keep one person from flooding people with too much to read before they get a chance to respond.

2. Each post/share should be limited to approx 750 words. I originally thought 500, but 750 is closer to one typed page. I'm totally guessing at this, but wanted to keep each post from being too overwhelming in length that people won't have time to read it. I'm still trying to see if i can set limits on the site, but for now it is the honor system, but if there are posts that are going well above this, i'll try to politely remind you Wink

3. At the end of each post, please indicate if you would like feedback or not, as we did in group, so that people can know if you'd like a response.

4. As in group, the feedback should be for the posters benefit--no minishare, advice and try to keep it concise.

5. If you are visiting and posting, please take time to read others recent post to give feedback if they wanted. Much like in group, you would come to share but also serve as a witness/sounding board to other as well.

OK guys, I'll try to post later this week to get things started (unless one of you beats me too it). Please feel free to give me feedback on what you think works or doesn't work. This is a work in progress that I am using the weekly meetings as guidelines on how to set it up, but obviously online changing things so it may need tweaking. Also, please let me know if anyone else from 2033 is interested in joining in!

I look forward to touching base with all of you and hope you are all doing ok. Thinking of you and please take care,


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